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About Us

We provide services which facilitates all in the business world to come to a common platform, thus turning the geographical distance into as close as possible .Our products exceeds latest the industry standards market demands. We’re truly flexible and our genuine commitment to go the extra mile sets our brand, our people and our products apart.


We are here to serve every driver and every industry on earth. We do this through Liquid Engineering. That means creating high-performance oils, lubricants, fluids and greases for every application you can imagine.

Our Mission

To provide quality products at a price that reflects true value along with unparalleled support services by highly trained work force which meets customer expectations.To provide most efficient and reliable economical supply and transportation of goods to any point across India and the globe.

Our Vision

To be a respected global entrepreneur, through the power of reliable Business opportunities. Being the foremost Indian Lubricant Manufacturing Company .Most admired for its quality products, reliable performance and best services with a perspective of global excellence.


We are authoritative in manufacturing the qualitative products and our well integrated work set up is our key to growth. Our infrastructure is scattered over a large area and features adequate expansion potential.